Shengqi Yang

I'm a Carnegie Theoretical Astrophysics Center (CTAC) Postdoctoral Fellow of the Carnegie Observatories. I earned my Ph.D. degree at the Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics of New York University in 2021. My Ph.D. advisor is Dr. Anthony Pullen. I got my B.S. degree at the physics department of Fudan University in 2016. My B.S. advisor is Dr. Hongjun Xiang.

I am interested in understanding galaxy evolution and star formation environment at high redshift, in particular the galaxy assembly era z~3 and the epoch of reionization at redshift higher than 6. Studying the physical properties of galaxy interstellar medium (ISM) is a key step to achieve this goal because ISM hosts star formation activities and stores information about the galaxy formation hisptory. I am developing first principle models for strong ISM tracers, including CII and OIII fine structure emission lines, to interpret ISM properties from recent ALMA measurements in a physics-grounded manner. Another emerging technique that probes ISM over wide cosmic volume is line intensity mapping (LIM). I am developing empirical sub-millimeter line emission models, cosmological mocks, and foreground removal techniques to assist LIM survey forecasts.

I am also interested in studying the interplay between the host and satellite dark matter halos, and further probe the nature of dark matter with semi-analytic models and simulations.